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    Don't delete files when column family is dropped · b088c83e
    Igor Canadi authored
    To understand the bug read t5943287 and check out the new test in column_family_test (ReadDroppedColumnFamily), iter 0.
    RocksDB contract allowes you to read a drop column family as long as there is a live reference. However, since our iteration ignores dropped column families, AddLiveFiles() didn't mark files of a dropped column families as live. So we deleted them.
    In this patch I no longer ignore dropped column families in the iteration. I think this behavior was confusing and it also led to this bug. Now if an iterator client wants to ignore dropped column families, he needs to do it explicitly.
    Test Plan: Added a new unit test that is failing on master. Unit test succeeds now.
    Reviewers: sdong, rven, yhchiang
    Reviewed By: yhchiang
    Subscribers: dhruba, leveldb
    Differential Revision: