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    Expose the set of live blob files from Version/VersionSet (#6785) · a00ddf15
    Levi Tamasi authored
    The patch adds logic that returns the set of live blob files from
    `Version::AddLiveFiles` and `VersionSet::AddLiveFiles` (in addition to
    live table files), and also cleans up the code a bit, for example, by
    exposing only the numbers of table files as opposed to the earlier
    `FileDescriptor`s that no clients used. Moreover, the patch extends
    the `GetLiveFiles` API so that it also exposes blob files in the current version.
    Similarly to,
    this is a building block for identifying and purging obsolete blob files.
    Pull Request resolved:
    Test Plan: `make check`
    Reviewed By: riversand963
    Differential Revision: D21336210
    Pulled By: ltamasi
    fbshipit-source-id: fc1aede8a49eacd03caafbc5f6f9ce43b6270821