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    rocksdb: Replace ASSERT* with EXPECT* in functions that does not return void value · 9fd6edf8
    Igor Sugak authored
    gtest does not use exceptions to fail a unit test by design, and `ASSERT*`s are implemented using `return`. As a consequence we cannot use `ASSERT*` in a function that does not return `void` value ([[ | 1]]), and have to fix our existing code. This diff does this in a generic way, with no manual changes.
    In order to detect all existing `ASSERT*` that are used in functions that doesn't return void value, I change the code to generate compile errors for such cases.
    In `util/testharness.h` I defined `EXPECT*` assertions, the same way as `ASSERT*`, and redefined `ASSERT*` to return `void`. Then executed:
    % USE_CLANG=1 make all -j55 -k 2> build.log
    % perl -naF: -e 'print "-- -number=".$F[1]." ".$F[0]."\n" if  /: error:/' \
    build.log | xargs -L 1 perl -spi -e 's/ASSERT/EXPECT/g if $. == $number'
    % make format
    After that I reverted back change to `ASSERT*` in `util/testharness.h`. But preserved introduced `EXPECT*`, which is the same as `ASSERT*`. This will be deleted once switched to gtest.
    This diff is independent and contains manual changes only in `util/testharness.h`.
    Test Plan:
    Make sure all tests are passing.
    % USE_CLANG=1 make check
    Reviewers: igor, lgalanis, sdong, yufei.zhu, rven, meyering
    Reviewed By: meyering
    Subscribers: dhruba, leveldb
    Differential Revision: