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    Remove redundant member var and set options (#4631) · 05dec0c7
    Yanqin Jin authored
    In the past, both `DBImpl::atomic_flush_` and
    `DBImpl::immutable_db_options_.atomic_flush` exist. However, we fail to set
    `immutable_db_options_.atomic_flush`, but use `DBImpl::atomic_flush_` which is
    set correctly. This does not lead to incorrect behavior, but is a duplicate of
    Since `immutable_db_options_` is always there and has `atomic_flush`, we should
    use it as source of truth and remove `DBImpl::atomic_flush_`.
    Pull Request resolved: https://github.com/facebook/rocksdb/pull/4631
    Differential Revision: D12928371
    Pulled By: riversand963
    fbshipit-source-id: f85a811959d3828aad4a3a1b05f71facf19c636d