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    Extend the interface of `model_delta_optimizer_process` to accept the new... · cfe9d3e3
    Zachary Garrett authored
    Extend the interface of `model_delta_optimizer_process` to accept the new `tff.templates.MeasuredProcess` for broadcast and aggregate functions.
    Changes to `model_delta_optimizer_process`:
    - Wrap the previous `StatefulFn` arguments in `tff.templates.MeasuredProcess`
      and only use `MeasuredProcess` internally.
    - Change the metrics out put to be a namespace separated metrics concatenation:
      `train`, `broadcast` and `aggregation`.
    Changes to dependents on `model_delta_optimizer_process`:
    -  Change `bulid_federated_averaging_process` and `build_federated_sgd_process`
       to only output the `train` metrics to retain current behavior.
    -  Update clipping mean to zip its state on return. Future CLs will convert
       this to a `MeasuredProcess`.
    -  Remove default specification of broadcast in robust_federated_aggregation
    PiperOrigin-RevId: 317305758