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    Update build system and packaging · 93ce2b4c
    Brian Behlendorf authored
    Minimal changes required to integrate the SPL sources in to the
    ZFS repository build infrastructure and packaging.
    Build system and packaging:
      * Renamed SPL_* autoconf m4 macros to ZFS_*.
      * Removed redundant SPL_* autoconf m4 macros.
      * Updated the RPM spec files to remove SPL package dependency.
      * The zfs package obsoletes the spl package, and the zfs-kmod
        package obsoletes the spl-kmod package.
      * The zfs-kmod-devel* packages were updated to add compatibility
        symlinks under /usr/src/spl-x.y.z until all dependent packages
        can be updated.  They will be removed in a future release.
      * Updated copy-builtin script for in-kernel builds.
      * Updated DKMS package to include the spl.ko.
      * Updated stale AUTHORS file to include all contributors.
      * Updated stale COPYRIGHT and included the SPL as an exception.
      * Renamed README.markdown to README.md
      * Renamed DISCLAIMER to NOTICE.
    Required code changes:
      * Re...
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