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    final adjustments for release · 7acf9aa8
    grischka authored
    - configure/Makefiles: minor adjustments
    - build-tcc.bat: add -static to gcc options
      (avoids libgcc_s*.dll dependency with some mingw versions)
    - tccpe.c/tcctools.c: eliminate MAX_PATH
      (not available for cross compilers)
    - tccasm.c: use uint64_t/strtoull in unary()
      (unsigned long sometimes is only uint32_t, as always on windows)
    - tccgen.c: Revert (f077d16c) "tccgen: gen_cast: cast FLOAT to DOUBLE"
      Was a rather experimental, tentative commit, not really necessary
      and somewhat ugly too.
    - cleanup recent osx support:
      - Makefile/libtcc.c: cleanup copy&paste code
      - tccpp.c: restore deleted function