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    tccpp: fix issues, add tests · 30df3189
    grischka authored
    * fix some macro expansion issues
    * add some pp tests in tests/pp
    * improved tcc -E output for better diff'ability
    * remove -dD feature (quirky code, exotic feature,
      didn't work well)
    Based partially on ideas / researches from PipCet
    Some issues remain with VA_ARGS macros (if used in a
    rather tricky way).
    Also, to keep it simple, the pp doesn't automtically
    add any extra spaces to separate tokens which otherwise
    would form wrong tokens if re-read from tcc -E output
    (such as '+' '=')  GCC does that, other compilers don't.
     * cleanups
      - #line 01 "file" / # 01 "file" processing
      - #pragma comment(lib,"foo")
      - tcc -E: forward some pragmas to output (pack, comment(lib))
      - fix macro parameter list parsing mess from
        (some coffee might help, next time ;)
      - introduce TOK_PPSTR - to have character constants as
        written in the file (similar to TOK_PPNUM)
      - allow '\' appear in macros
      - new functions begin/end_macro to:
          - fix switching macro levels during expansion
          - allow unget_tok to unget more than one tok
      - slight speedup by using bitflags in isidnum_table
      - x86_64.c : fix decl after statements
      - i386-gen,c : fix a vstack leak with VLA on windows
      - configure/Makefile : build on windows (MSYS) was broken
      - tcc_warning: fflush stderr to keep output order (win32)