Commit 8c2b9e65 authored by Mijian Xu's avatar Mijian Xu 😷
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parent 94882afc
......@@ -25,7 +25,9 @@ def Usage():
print(" -n Specify thread number at parallel downloading")
print(" -u Specify username in user directory on the IRIS.")
def wget(url, path):
def wget(url_path):
url = url_path[0]
path = url_path[1]
resp = subprocess.Popen("wget -c -nc -P "+path+" "+url,shell=True)
......@@ -74,11 +76,10 @@ for item in same_item:
if lst == []:
print("The whole date were downloaded from IRIS DMC.")
link_lst = [url+"/"+line for line in lst]
link_lst = [[url+"/"+line, path] for line in lst]
pool = ThreadPool(thread)
print("start downloading")
path_lst = [path]*len(link_lst)
results =, link_lst, path_lst)
results =, link_lst)
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