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......@@ -31,8 +31,8 @@ def Usage():
print('-F -- File format (SEED or miniseed). Default: SEED')
print('-M -- Magnitude range.')
print('head.cfg -- Config file.')
print('Example: ./ -NCB -SNJ2 -b2015-2-3 -e2015-4-3 -P32.05/118.85/P -B-200/1000 head.cfg')
print(' ./ -NIC -SBJT -b2015-2-3T00:12:23 -e2015-4-3 -B-100/600 -L10 -Fminiseed head.cfg')
print('Example: bqmail -NCB -SNJ2 -b2015-2-3 -e2015-4-3 -P32.05/118.85/P -B-200/1000 head.cfg')
print(' bqmail -NIC -SBJT -b2015-2-3T00:12:23 -e2015-4-3 -B-100/600 -L10 -Fminiseed head.cfg')
import datetime
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