Commit fbe2d259 authored by Levi Tamasi's avatar Levi Tamasi Committed by Facebook GitHub Bot
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Use a per-thread path for the export directory in import_column_family_test (#6962)

This is required so that the test cases can safely be run in parallel.
Pull Request resolved:

Test Plan: `make check`

Reviewed By: zhichao-cao

Differential Revision: D21980060

Pulled By: ltamasi

fbshipit-source-id: 616b7a0b686155d3874848b9098c67ad3f47efcc
parent e6be168a
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ class ImportColumnFamilyTest : public DBTestBase {
ImportColumnFamilyTest() : DBTestBase("/import_column_family_test") {
sst_files_dir_ = dbname_ + "/sst_files/";
export_files_dir_ = test::TmpDir(env_) + "/export";
export_files_dir_ = test::PerThreadDBPath(env_, "export");
import_cfh_ = nullptr;
import_cfh2_ = nullptr;
metadata_ptr_ = nullptr;
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