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Let best-efforts recovery ignore CURRENT file (#6970)

Best-efforts recovery does not check the content of CURRENT file to determine which MANIFEST to recover from. However, it still checks the presence of CURRENT file to determine whether to create a new DB during `open()`. Therefore, we can tweak the logic in `open()` a little bit so that best-efforts recovery does not rely on CURRENT file at all.

Test plan (dev server):
make check
./db_basic_test --gtest_filter=DBBasicTest.RecoverWithNoCurrentFile
Pull Request resolved:

Reviewed By: anand1976

Differential Revision: D22013990

Pulled By: riversand963

fbshipit-source-id: db552a1868c60ed70e1f7cd252a3a076eb8ea58f
parent af58d927
......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@
* Fix false negative from the VerifyChecksum() API when there is a checksum mismatch in an index partition block in a BlockBasedTable format table file (index_type is kTwoLevelIndexSearch).
* Fix sst_dump to return non-zero exit code if the specified file is not a recognized SST file or fails requested checks.
* Fix incorrect results from batched MultiGet for duplicate keys, when the duplicate key matches the largest key of an SST file and the value type for the key in the file is a merge value.
* Best-efforts recovery ignores CURRENT file completely. If CURRENT file is missing during recovery, best-efforts recovery still proceeds with MANIFEST file(s).
### Public API Change
* Flush(..., column_family) may return Status::ColumnFamilyDropped() instead of Status::InvalidArgument() if column_family is dropped while processing the flush request.
......@@ -2199,6 +2199,35 @@ TEST_F(DBBasicTest, RecoverWithNoCurrentFile) {
TEST_F(DBBasicTest, RecoverWithNoManifest) {
Options options = CurrentOptions();
options.env = env_;
ASSERT_OK(Put("foo", "value"));
// Delete all MANIFEST.
std::vector<std::string> files;
ASSERT_OK(env_->GetChildren(dbname_, &files));
for (const auto& file : files) {
uint64_t number = 0;
FileType type = kLogFile;
if (ParseFileName(file, &number, &type) && type == kDescriptorFile) {
ASSERT_OK(env_->DeleteFile(dbname_ + "/" + file));
options.best_efforts_recovery = true;
options.create_if_missing = false;
Status s = TryReopen(options);
options.create_if_missing = true;
// Since no MANIFEST exists, best-efforts recovery creates a new, empty db.
ASSERT_EQ("NOT_FOUND", Get("foo"));
TEST_F(DBBasicTest, SkipWALIfMissingTableFiles) {
Options options = CurrentOptions();
......@@ -370,7 +370,30 @@ Status DBImpl::Recover(
std::string current_fname = CurrentFileName(dbname_);
s = env_->FileExists(current_fname);
// Path to any MANIFEST file in the db dir. It does not matter which one.
// Since best-efforts recovery ignores CURRENT file, existence of a
// MANIFEST indicates the recovery to recover existing db. If no MANIFEST
// can be found, a new db will be created.
std::string manifest_path;
if (!immutable_db_options_.best_efforts_recovery) {
s = env_->FileExists(current_fname);
} else {
s = Status::NotFound();
std::vector<std::string> files;
// No need to check return value
env_->GetChildren(dbname_, &files);
for (const std::string& file : files) {
uint64_t number = 0;
FileType type = kLogFile; // initialize
if (ParseFileName(file, &number, &type) && type == kDescriptorFile) {
// Found MANIFEST (descriptor log), thus best-efforts recovery does
// not have to treat the db as empty.
s = Status::OK();
manifest_path = dbname_ + "/" + file;
if (s.IsNotFound()) {
if (immutable_db_options_.create_if_missing) {
s = NewDB();
......@@ -398,14 +421,14 @@ Status DBImpl::Recover(
FileOptions customized_fs(file_options_);
customized_fs.use_direct_reads |=
s = fs_->NewRandomAccessFile(current_fname, customized_fs, &idfile,
const std::string& fname =
manifest_path.empty() ? current_fname : manifest_path;
s = fs_->NewRandomAccessFile(fname, customized_fs, &idfile, nullptr);
if (!s.ok()) {
std::string error_str = s.ToString();
// Check if unsupported Direct I/O is the root cause
customized_fs.use_direct_reads = false;
s = fs_->NewRandomAccessFile(current_fname, customized_fs, &idfile,
s = fs_->NewRandomAccessFile(fname, customized_fs, &idfile, nullptr);
if (s.ok()) {
return Status::InvalidArgument(
"Direct I/O is not supported by the specified DB.");
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