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# FRocksdb Change Log
# 5.17.2-artisans-1.1 (11/26/2019)
# 5.17.2-artisans-2.0 (11/26/2019)
### Java API Changes
* Allow rocks java to explicitly create `WriteBufferManager`.
* Punch through more flags for rocks java's `BlockBasedTableConfig`.
* Allow rocks java to explicitly create `WriteBufferManager` which could help bound the memory usage of all write buffers.
* Add more flags for BlockBasedTableConfig, mostly around caching index + filter blocks and partitioned filters. These options could help to minimize the performance impact when bounding the total memory.
# 5.17.2-artisans-1.0 (07/02/2019)
* [Flink TTL] compaction filter for background cleanup of state with time-to-live
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