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    Make users explicitly be aware of prepare before commit (#6775) · ef0c3eda
    Cheng Chang authored
    In current commit protocol of pessimistic transaction, if the transaction is not prepared before commit, the commit protocol implicitly assumes that the user wants to commit without prepare.
    This PR adds TransactionOptions::skip_prepare, the default value is `true` because if set to `false`, all existing users who commit without prepare need to update their code to set skip_prepare to true. Although this does not force the user to explicitly express their intention of skip_prepare, it at least lets the user be aware of the assumption of being able to commit without prepare.
    Pull Request resolved: https://github.com/facebook/rocksdb/pull/6775
    Test Plan: added a new unit test TransactionTest::CommitWithoutPrepare
    Reviewed By: lth
    Differential Revision: D21313270
    Pulled By: cheng-chang
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