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    WriteUnPrepared: Implement unprepared batches for transactions (#4104) · ea212e53
    Manuel Ung authored
    This adds support for writing unprepared batches based on size defined in `TransactionOptions::max_write_batch_size`. This is done by overriding methods that modify data (Put/Delete/SingleDelete/Merge) and checking first if write batch size has exceeded threshold. If so, the write batch is written to DB as an unprepared batch.
    Support for Commit/Rollback for unprepared batch is added as well. This has been done by simply extending the WritePrepared Commit/Rollback logic to take care of all unprep_seq numbers either when updating prepare heap, or adding to commit map. For updating the commit map, this logic exists inside `WriteUnpreparedCommitEntryPreReleaseCallback`.
    A test change was also made to have transactions unregister themselves when committing without prepare. This is because with write unprepared, there may be unprepared entries (which act similarly to prepared entries) already when a commit is done without prepare.
    Pull Request resolved: https://github.com/facebook/rocksdb/pull/4104
    Differential Revision: D8785717
    Pulled By: lth
    fbshipit-source-id: c02006e281ec1ce00f628e2a7beec0ee73096a91