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    First step towards handling MANIFEST write error (#6949) · dd63f04c
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    This PR provides preliminary support for handling IO error during MANIFEST write.
    File write/sync is not guaranteed to be atomic. If we encounter an IOError while writing/syncing to the MANIFEST file, we cannot be sure about the state of the MANIFEST file. The version edits may or may not have reached the file. During cleanup, if we delete the newly-generated SST files referenced by the pending version edit(s), but the version edit(s) actually are persistent in the MANIFEST, then next recovery attempt will process the version edits(s) and then fail since the SST files have already been deleted.
    One approach is to truncate the MANIFEST after write/sync error, so that it is safe to delete the SST files. However, file truncation may not be supported on certain file systems. Therefore, we take the following approach.
    If an IOError is detected during MANIFEST write/sync, we disable file deletions for the faulty database. Depending on whether the IOError is retryable (set by underlying file system), either RocksDB or application can call `DB::Resume()`, or simply shutdown and restart. During `Resume()`, RocksDB will try to switch to a new MANIFEST and write all existing in-memory version storage in the new file. If this succeeds, then RocksDB may proceed. If all recovery is completed, then file deletions will be re-enabled.
    Note that multiple threads can call `LogAndApply()` at the same time, though only one of them will be going through the process MANIFEST write, possibly batching the version edits of other threads. When the leading MANIFEST writer finishes, all of the MANIFEST writing threads in this batch will have the same IOError. They will all call `ErrorHandler::SetBGError()` in which file deletion will be disabled.
    Possible future directions:
    - Add an `ErrorContext` structure so that it is easier to pass more info to `ErrorHandler`. Currently, as in this example, a new `BackgroundErrorReason` has to be added.
    Test plan (dev server):
    make check
    Pull Request resolved: https://github.com/facebook/rocksdb/pull/6949
    Reviewed By: anand1976
    Differential Revision: D22026020
    Pulled By: riversand963
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