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    Add option for storing transaction logs in a separate dir · cbf4a064
    Naman Gupta authored
    Summary: In some cases, you might not want to store the data log (write ahead log) files in the same dir as the sst files. An example use case is leaf, which stores sst files in tmpfs. And would like to save the log files in a separate dir (disk) to save memory.
    Test Plan: make all. Ran db_test test. A few test failing. P2785018. If you guys don't see an obvious problem with the code, maybe somebody from the rocksdb team could help me debug the issue here. Running this on leaf worked well. I could see logs stored on disk, and deleted appropriately after compactions. Obviously this is only one set of options. The unit tests cover different options. Seems like I'm missing some edge cases.
    Reviewers: dhruba, haobo, leveldb
    CC: xinyaohu, sumeet
    Differential Revision: https://reviews.facebook.net/D13239