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    The BackupAPI should also list the length of the manifest file. · ae36e509
    Dhruba Borthakur authored
    The GetLiveFiles() api lists the set of sst files and the current
    MANIFEST file. But the database continues to append new data to the
    MANIFEST file even when the application is backing it up to the
    backup location. This means that the database-version that is
    stored in the MANIFEST FILE in the backup location
    does not correspond to the sst files returned by GetLiveFiles.
    This API adds a new parameter to GetLiveFiles. This new parmeter
    returns the current size of the MANIFEST file.
    Test Plan: Unit test attached.
    Reviewers: heyongqiang
    Reviewed By: heyongqiang
    Differential Revision: https://reviews.facebook.net/D5631