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    Dbid feature · 9b50106f
    Mayank Agarwal authored
    Create a new type of file on startup if it doesn't already exist called DBID.
    This will store a unique number generated from boost library's uuid header file.
    The use-case is to identify the case of a db losing all its data and coming back up either empty or from an image(backup/live replica's recovery)
    the key point to note is that DBID is not stored in a backup or db snapshot
    It's preferable to use Boost for uuid because:
    1) A non-standard way of generating uuid is not good
    2) /proc/sys/kernel/random/uuid generates a uuid but only on linux environments and the solution would not be clean
    3) c++ doesn't have any direct way to get a uuid
    4) Boost is a very good library that was already having linkage in rocksdb from third-party
    Note: I had to update the TOOLCHAIN_REV in build files to get latest verison of boost from third-party as the older version had a bug.
    I had to put Wno-uninitialized in Makefile because boost-1.51 has an unitialized variable and rocksdb would not comiple otherwise. Latet open-source for boost is 1.54 but is not there in third-party. I have notified the concerned people in fbcode about it.
    @kailiu : While releasing to third-party, an additional dependency will need to be created for boost in TARGETS file. I can help identify.
    Test Plan:
    Expand db_test to test 2 cases
    1) Restarting db with Id file present - verify that no change to Id
    2)Restarting db with Id file deleted - verify that a different Id is there after reopen
    Also run make all check
    Reviewers: dhruba, haobo, kailiu, sdong
    Reviewed By: dhruba
    CC: leveldb
    Differential Revision: https://reviews.facebook.net/D13587