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    Add APIs to query SST file metadata and to delete specific SST files · 60bf2b7d
    Simha Venkataramaiah authored
    Summary: An api to query the level, key ranges, size etc for each SST file and an api to delete a specific file from the db and all associated state in the bookkeeping datastructures.
    Notes: Editing the manifest version does not release the obsolete files right away. However deleting the file directly will mess up the iterator. We may need a more aggressive/timely file deletion api.
    I have used std::unique_ptr - will switch to boost:: since this is external. thoughts?
    Unit test is fragile right now as it expects the compaction at certain levels.
    Test Plan: unittest
    Reviewers: dhruba, vamsi, emayanke
    CC: zshao, leveldb, haobo
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