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    Fix db_stress when GetLiveFiles() flushes dropped CF (#6805) · 5a61e786
    Yanqin Jin 创作于
    Current impl. of db_stress will abort verification and report failure if
    GetLiveFiles() causes a dropped column family to be flushed. This is not
    To fix, this PR makes the following change:
    In GetLiveFiles, if flush is triggered and returns
    Status::IsColumnFamilyDropped(), then set status to Status::OK().
    This is OK because dropped column families will be skipped during the rest of
    this function, and valid column families will have their live files returned to
    Test plan (dev server):
    make check
    ./db_stress -ops_per_thread=1000 -get_live_files_one_in=100 -clear_column_family_one_in=100
    ./db_stress -disable_wal=1 -reopen=0 -ops_per_thread=1000 -get_live_files_one_in=100 -clear_column_family_one_in=100
    Pull Request resolved: https://github.com/facebook/rocksdb/pull/6805
    Reviewed By: ltamasi
    Differential Revision: D21390044
    Pulled By: riversand963
    fbshipit-source-id: de67846b95a4f1b88aa0a30c3d70c43cc68625b9