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    Misc things for ASSERT_STATUS_CHECKED, also gcc 4.8.5 (#6871) · 1482c869
    Peter Dillinger authored
    * Print stack trace on status checked failure
    * Make folly_synchronization_distributed_mutex_test a parallel test
    * Disable ldb_test.py and rocksdb_dump_test.sh with
    * Fix shadow warning in random_access_file_reader.h reported by gcc
      4.8.5 (ROCKSDB_NO_FBCODE), also https://github.com/facebook/rocksdb/issues/6866
    * Work around compiler bug on max_align_t for gcc < 4.9
    * Remove an apparently wrong comment in status.h
    * Use check_some in Travis config (for proper diagnostic output)
    * Fix ignored Status in loop in options_helper.cc
    Pull Request resolved: https://github.com/facebook/rocksdb/pull/6871
    Test Plan: manual, CI
    Reviewed By: ajkr
    Differential Revision: D21706619
    Pulled By: pdillinger
    fbshipit-source-id: daf6364173d6689904eb394461a69a11f5bee2cb