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**BQMail** is a Python module for sending mails to apply for seismic data from the IRIS DMC. It is a front-end API of the BREQ_fast.
## Installation
**BQMail** can currently run on Linux and MAC OSX. **BQMail** is running and testing on Python 3.7.
### Installation via PyPI
pip install bqmail
### Installation from source code
The latest version of the **BQMail** is available on Gitlab:
git clone bqmail
Then you can install this version:
cd bqmail
pip install .
## A quick exsample:
bq = BQMail('', server='', password='xxx', username='bqmail')
bq.query_events(starttime=UTCDateTime(2017, 1, 1), endtime=UTCDateTime(2018, 1, 1),
minmagnitude=5.5, catalog='GCMT')
bq.query_stations(network='CB', station='LZH')
bq.send_mail(time_before=0, time_after=1000)
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from setuptools import find_packages, setup
packages = find_packages()
VERSION = "2.0"
VERSION = "2.0.1"
author='Mijian Xu',
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