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add suhf, frag_tight

parent cfb6fc5e
......@@ -9,11 +9,35 @@ from pyscf.lo.boys import dipole_integral
from auto_pair import pair_by_tdm
from automr import dump_mat, bridge, cidump
import sys, os
from pyphf import suscf
print = partial(print, flush=True)
einsum = partial(np.einsum, optimize=True)
np.set_printoptions(precision=6, linewidth=160, suppress=True)
def do_suhf(mf):
mol = mf.mol
#mo = mf.mo_coeff
#S = mol.intor_symmetric('int1e_ovlp')
na, nb = mf.nelec
nopen = na - nb
mf2 = suscf.SUHF(mf)
no = mf2.natorb[2]
noon = mf2.natocc[2]
nacto, ndb, nex = check_uno(noon)
#ndb, nocc, nopen = idx
#nacto = nocc - ndb
nacta = (nacto + nopen)//2
nactb = (nacto - nopen)//2
print('nacto, nacta, nactb: %d %d %d' % (nacto, nacta, nactb))
mf = mf.to_rhf()
mf.mo_coeff = no
print('UNO in active space')
dump_mat.dump_mo(mol, no[:,ndb:ndb+nacto], ncol=10)
return mf, no, noon, nacto, (nacta, nactb), ndb, nex
def get_uno(mf, st='st2'):
mol = mf.mol
mo = mf.mo_coeff
......@@ -174,10 +198,13 @@ def check_uhf(mf):
return False, mf
def cas(mf, act_user=None, crazywfn=False, max_memory=2000, natorb=True, gvb=False):
def cas(mf, act_user=None, crazywfn=False, max_memory=2000, natorb=True, gvb=False, suhf=False):
is_uhf, mf = check_uhf(mf)
if is_uhf:
mf, unos, unoon, nacto, (nacta, nactb), ndb, nex = get_uno(mf)
if suhf:
mf, unos, unoon, nacto, (nacta, nactb), ndb, nex = do_suhf(mf)
mf, unos, unoon, nacto, (nacta, nactb), ndb, nex = get_uno(mf)
mf, lmos, npair, ndb = get_locorb(mf)
if gvb:
......@@ -144,9 +144,31 @@ def check_stab(mf_mix):
cyc += 1
if not stable:
raise RuntimeError('Stablility Opt failed after %d attempts.' % cyc)
if not mf_mix.converged:
print('Warning: UHF finally not converged')
mf_mix.mo_coeff = mo
return mf_mix
def from_frag_tight(xyz, bas, frags, chgs, spins):
if not isinstance(spins[0], list):
spins = [spins]
lowest_mf = None
lowest_e = 0.0
lowest_spin = None
for s in spins:
print('Attempt spins ', s)
mf = from_frag(xyz, bas, frags, chgs, s, cycle=70)
mf = check_stab(mf)
if mf.e_tot < lowest_e:
lowest_e = mf.e_tot
lowest_mf = mf
lowest_spin = s
print('Lowest UHF energy %.6f from spin guess ' % lowest_e, lowest_spin)
return lowest_mf
def from_frag(xyz, bas, frags, chgs, spins, cycle=2, xc=None, verbose=4):
mol = gto.Mole()
mol.atom = xyz
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