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  1. 10 Nov, 2020 1 commit
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  3. 02 Oct, 2020 1 commit
    • Michael Reneer's avatar
      Rename `test` module. · 0b7e8a0f
      Michael Reneer authored
      This module is being excluded from the Python package based on its name, but it should not be. By default `setuptools` is configured so that file ending in "" are tests and tests are excluded from the Python package.
      PiperOrigin-RevId: 334625499
  4. 10 Sep, 2020 1 commit
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  10. 18 Aug, 2020 1 commit
    • Michael Reneer's avatar
      Fix native backend visibility rules. · 3b9a4eb5
      Michael Reneer authored
      These tests should still be refactored or moved to not require a dependency on testing the entire stack, but the boilerplate plus the narrowly focused visibility rules is better than breaking the visibility rules.
      This is a follow up to cl/324705661.
      PiperOrigin-RevId: 327084465
  11. 05 Aug, 2020 1 commit
  12. 04 Aug, 2020 2 commits
    • Taylor Cramer's avatar
      Replace default_executor with set_local_execution_context · 2a93be88
      Taylor Cramer authored
      Previously, the default context included a local execution
      stack, but did not include the compiler built to optimize
      for this native backend. This meant that users of TFF were
      not getting the advantages of compilation-for-native unless
      they explicitly set `set_local_execution_context`.
      Additionally, this change moves the integration tests inside
      `core` to use this same local execution stack, including the
      native compiler. These tests are designed to exercise the
      local execution stack, and shouldn't be testing against a
      different environment than the one users experience.
      PiperOrigin-RevId: 324705661
    • Taylor Cramer's avatar
      Update TFF docs and new compiler to new concurrency model · 8e3e689f
      Taylor Cramer authored
      PiperOrigin-RevId: 324687422
  13. 16 Jul, 2020 1 commit
  14. 15 Jul, 2020 1 commit
    • Michael Reneer's avatar
      Add a compiler function to the `ExecutionContext` object. · 187f78aa
      Michael Reneer authored
      This change adds a compiler function to the `ExecutionContext` object. Conceptually a `Context` can be thought of as an "environment" which owns compilation and owns execution for a given computation. Additionally, this change replaces `set_default_executor` with higher level functions in order to simplify how contexts are constructed.
      * Added compiler function to the `ExecutionContext`.
      * Deprecated `set_default_executor`.
      * Removed all usage of `set_default_executor` internally.
      * Added convenience high level functions that set an execution context:
        * tff.backends.native.set_local_execution_context
      * Updated `set_default_executor` call-sites to either use the convenience high level functions or to manually construct a context and use `set_default_context`.
      Note that we should consider creating the following convenience high level functions:
        * tff.backends.native.set_remote_execution_context
        * tff.backends.native.set_sizing_execution_context
        * tff.backends.iree.set_iree_execution_context
      PiperOrigin-RevId: 321263709