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    • Jakub Konecny's avatar
      Fixes issue with `float('inf')` not being `np.inf`. · 8b03066c
      Jakub Konecny 创作于
      `float('inf') is np.inf` evaluates as `False`, but `float('inf') == np.inf` and `float('inf') in [np.inf]` evaluates as `True`, which leads to empty AssertionError if `float('inf')` is provided as we surprisingly do not catch it earlier.
      Changing this to use `np.isinf()` to support different ways to express infinity.
      Also extends the tests to build `AggregationProces`, some of which would have failed.
      PiperOrigin-RevId: 344475293
  8. 26 11月, 2020 2 次提交
  9. 25 11月, 2020 1 次提交
    • A. Unique TensorFlower's avatar
      Fix error message to call correct method. · 8d3641ed
      A. Unique TensorFlower 创作于
      In case of error during initialization , code throws error while formatting error message here. That error overrides actual init error. This fix will address that.
      Plus added some more comments as implementation guideline.
      PiperOrigin-RevId: 344105882
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  17. 12 11月, 2020 4 次提交
    • Jakub Konecny's avatar
      Splits `AggregationProcessFactory` to weighted and non-weighted variants. · edda7038
      Jakub Konecny 创作于
      New classes `WeightedAggregationFactory` and `NonWeightedAggregationFactory` replace the previous `AggregationProcessFactory` in the API
      This change makes explicit difference between ways to create `tff.templates.AggreagationProcess` objects with input type signatures of its `next` function `<state, value>` and `<state, value, weight>`.
      Also updates `ClippingFactory` and `ZeroingFactory` to implement both newly created classes.
      `MeanFactory` now only implements `WeightedAggregationFactory` class.
      PiperOrigin-RevId: 341988708
    • Taylor Cramer's avatar
      Clarify `check_returns_type` container type mismatch error message · ab0918c0
      Taylor Cramer 创作于
      Previously, `check_returns_type` only displayed the stringified format
      of mismatched types, which does not include container types. This CL
      changes `check_returns_type` to reuse the type diff formatting from
      computation_types which will fall back to printing the `repr` of the
      types in this case.
      PiperOrigin-RevId: 341896484
    • Zachary Charles's avatar
      Create a TFF tutorial notebook on "Building your own FL algorithm." · 525b3a8b
      Zachary Charles 创作于
      PiperOrigin-RevId: 341870083
    • Jakub Konecny's avatar
      Improves tests for `federated_quantized_sum`. · c638c139
      Jakub Konecny 创作于
      This removes the context manager which temporarily replaced the reference `federated_secure_sum` with `federated_sum` while executors did not support this in tests. This has been addresses, thus no need for the workaround.
      PiperOrigin-RevId: 341866125
  18. 11 11月, 2020 1 次提交
    • Scott Wegner's avatar
      Move `attr.s` class type inference warning to correct usage block. · 3aae728d
      Scott Wegner 创作于
      This was added recent to signal the future deprecation of converting `attr.s` classes to TFF types. However it was added to the wrong block. The intent is to deprecate conversion from a `attr.s` class *type*, but not a class *instance*.
      PiperOrigin-RevId: 341702845