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Tag the `v0.17.0` release.

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TensorFlow Federated | TensorFlow
--------------------------------------------------------------------- | ----------
[0.17.0]( | [tensorflow 2.3.0](
[0.16.1]( | [tensorflow 2.2.0](
[0.16.0]( | [tensorflow 2.2.0](
[0.15.0]( | [tensorflow 2.2.0](
# Release 0.17.0
## Major Features and Improvements
* New `tff.aggregators` package with interfaces for stateful aggregation
* New Google Landmark Dataset `tff.simulations.dataset.gldv2`
* New convenience APIs `tff.type_clients` and `tff.type_at_server`
* Invert control of computation tracing methods to produce clearer Python
stack traces on error.
* Move executor creation to a factory pattern in executor service, allowing
distributed runtimes to be agnostic to number of clients.
* Significant improvements of type serialization/deserialization
* New `tff.simulations.compose_dataset_computation_with_iterative_process` API
to move execution of client dataset construction to executor stack leaves.
* Extend parameterization of `tff.learning.build_federated_averaging_process`
with `use_experimental_simulation_loop` argument to better utilize multi-GPU
## Breaking Changes
* Removed `tff.utils.StatefulFn`, replaced by `tff.templates.MeasuredProcess`.
* Removed `tff.learning.assign_weights_to_keras_model`
* Stop removing `OptimizeDataset` ops from `tff.tf_computation`s.
* The `research/` directory has been moved to
* Updates to `input_spec` argument for `tff.learning.from_keras_model`.
* Updated TensorFlow dependency to `2.3.0`.
* Updated TensorFlow Model Optimization dependency to `0.4.0`.
## Bug Fixes
* Fixed streaming mode hang in remote executor.
* Wrap `collections.namedtuple._asdict` calls in `collections.OrderedDict` to
support Python 3.8.
* Correctly serialize/deserialize `tff.TensorType` with unknown shapes.
* Cleanup TF lookup HashTable resources in TFF execution.
* Fix bug in Shakespeare dataset where OOV and last vocab character were the
* Fix TFF ingestion of Keras models with shared embeddings.
* Closed hole in compilation to CanonicalForm.
## Known Bugs
* "Federated Learning for Image Classification" tutorial fails to load
`projector` plugin for tensorboard.
* Certain Keras models with activity regularization fail in execution with
unliftable error (
## Thanks to our Contributors
This release contains contributions from many people at Google, as well as:
amitport, ronaldseoh
# Release 0.16.1
## Bug Fixes
......@@ -13,4 +13,4 @@
# limitations under the License.
"""TensorFlow Federated version."""
__version__ = '0.16.1'
__version__ = '0.17.0'
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