Commit c8c4ff3f authored by syl20bnr's avatar syl20bnr
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Bump version to 0.105.18 and update change log

parent a9a68fb0
* Release 0.105.x
** 0.105.18 (2016/04/10)
- Revert hotfix for =Yasnippet=, the bug has been fixed upstream and is now
available in MELPA (thanks to TheBB)
- Remove oboslete package =evil-jumper= which is now part of =evil=
(thanks to justbur)
** 0.105.17 (2016/04/09)
- Hotfix for Yasnippet, using stable version until resolution of
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
;; (package-initialize)
(setq gc-cons-threshold 100000000)
(defconst spacemacs-version "0.105.17" "Spacemacs version.")
(defconst spacemacs-version "0.105.18" "Spacemacs version.")
(defconst spacemacs-emacs-min-version "24.3" "Minimal version of Emacs.")
(if (not (version<= spacemacs-emacs-min-version emacs-version))
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