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Bump version to 0.200.8 and update changelog

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* Release 0.200.x
** 0.200.8 (2017/04/01)
*** Convention changes
- Update debug conventions
- Step in and Step out are now, ~i~ and ~o~ respectively
- Inspect a value is now ~v~
- Next step is now ~s~
*** Dotspacemacs changes
- Improve variable =dotspacemacs-line-numbers=. The variable can now take a
property list with the following keywords supported: =:relative t= to turn on
relative lines, =:disabled-for-modes mode1 mode2 ...= to disable line numbers
in specific major modes and =:size-limit-kb n= to disable line numbers when
the size of the buffer is greater than n (thanks to deb0ch)
*** Core changes
- Import =quela=, =package-build=, =ido-vertical-mode= and =spacemacs-theme= in
- Speedup ~SPC h SPC~ loading.
- Force installation of =org-contrib-plus= instead of =org= effectively avoiding
to install Org twice.
- Display some additional information message in mode-line at startup.
- Throw an error instead of a warning if emacs version is too old
(thanks to deb0ch)
- Refactor =rotate-windows= (thanks to bmag)
- Dont toggle maximized window at startup if already maximized
(thanks to TheBB)
- Set default value of =dotspacemacs-enable-paste-transient-state= to nil to
reflect its value in the doftile template (tanks to toupeira)
- which-key: Update usage of replacement alists (thanks to justbur)
- which-key: Fix transient state descriptions (thanks to justbur)
- which-key: Implement combined select window keys (thanks to justbur)
- Maximize frame earlier in the startup process (thanks to deb0ch)
- Fix unbound holy-mode error (thanks to TheBB)
- Fix error on footer insertion when window is narrow (thanks to deb0ch)
- Fix encoding of =;= in issue report body (thanks to d12frosted)
- Fix variable is void: system-info in spacemacs/report-issue
- Fix delayed warning display in emacs 25.5
- Fix computation of package installation lazyness
- Fix false warning about duplicate layers at startup. (thanks to puzl)
- Fix indentation rules for declare-prefix functions
- Add support for interpreter-mode-alist to layer lazy installation
- Add support for local elpa repositories
- Always return `t` from use-package pre/post hooks. (thanks to Stebalien)
- Jump-handers =:async= keyword can now take a predicate function
- home buffer: update quickhelp.txt in [?] (thanks to kccai)
- Filter out private vars in dotspacemacs/get-variable-string-list
- Add support for go to definition in other window with ~SPC m g G~
- Scope minor-mode specific key bindings under major-mode leader
*** Distribution layer changes
- New key binding ~SPC w +~ to toggle between vertical and horizontal windows
layout (thanks to nixmaniack, bmag)
- New key binding ~SPC w TAB~ to go to last selected window (thanks to adelq)
- New key binding ~gf~ in compilation mode to find file at point
(thanks to FrancescElies)
- New key binding ~gD~ to jump to definition in another window
(thanks to quicknir)
- New key binding ~SPC x l S~ to reverse sort lines (duianto)
- New key bindings ~SPC x l c~ and ~SPC x l C~ to sort lines by column (duianto)
- New key binding ~SPC f T~ to jump to currently opened file in =neotree=
(thanks to arjun-urs)
- New key binding ~'~ in =neotree= to take a quick look at the currently
selected file (thanks to sdwolf)
- Overhaul the buffer transient state on ~SPC b .~ (thanks to quicknir)
- Improve =spacemacs/count-word-analysis= by including information from
=count-words= function
- Use use =winum.el= instead of =window-numbering.el= for window numbers
(thanks to deb0ch)
- Add copy key to neotree under ~C~ (thanks to lanejo01)
- Move generation of tags from ~SPC p C-g~ to easier ~SPC p G~ (thanks to TheBB)
- Add duplicate-line-or-region on ~SPC x l d~ (thanks to deb0ch)
- Integrate =auto-highlight-symbol= with =evil= as well as =isearch=
(thanks to TheBB)
- Change default fringe color for centered-buffer-mode.
- Use =helm= or =ivy= as completion framework for =dumb-jump= (thanks to deuill)
- Hide PROPERTIES drawers in space-doc-mode (thanks to nikolaiam)
- Disable auto-revert of =buffer-menu-mode= (thanks to bgamari)
- Fix spacemacs/rename-current-buffer-file on non-file buffers
(thanks to lislon)
*** Layer changes
**** Ansible
- Add support for =ansible-vault= (auto-de/encryption of files)
- Add support for =company= with =company-ansible= package
**** Auto-completion
- Add new package =fuzzy= for =auto-complete=.
**** Better defaults
- Add new package =unfill= (thanks to d12frosted)
**** Chinese
- Move =pyim= into the =.cache= directory (thanks to DCPRevere)
**** Chrome
+ Add package =flymd=. Flymd is a realtime markdown preview (hodge)
**** Clojure
- Update debugger key bindings to meet new conventions
- Add new key bindings to convert collections (thanks to benedekfazekas)
- Fix calls to =cider-test-xxxx= functions (thanks to mahinshaw)
**** Common Lisp
- Add neew key binding ~SPC m h i~ to inspect a definition
- Set jump handler to =slime-edit-definition= (thanks to phoe)
**** CSharp
- Fix Omnisharp jump handler by marking it async (thanks to razzmatazz)
**** Elixir
- Add support for =credo= (denin)
- Prevent from inserting too many "end"s in Elixir (thanks to michalmuskala)
**** Emacs Lisp
- Fix cursor position for =eval-last-sexp=.
- Add ~SPC m e c~ to evaluate current sexp. Evaluation of current =setq= or
=defun= form is under ~SPC m e C~.
- Add support for =debugger= and =edebug=, see tutorial in file.
**** Extra-langs
- Add extension =.wl= for =wolfram-mode= (kenkangxgwe)
**** Finance
- Add new key bindings for ledger account reconciliation (thanks to timjaeger)
**** Games
- Add =sudoku= game. (thanks to et2010)
**** Go
- Fix void reference to =go--position-bytes= (thanks to db47h)
**** Haskell
- Update debugger key bindings to meet new conventions
**** Html
- Defer =company-web= loading (ralesi)
**** IBuffer
- New key bindings ~g r~ to update buffer, ~g j~ to move to next filter group
and ~g k~ to move to previous filter group (thanks to donm)
**** IPthon-notebook
- Fix =axes.color_cycle= warning in matplotlibrc (thanks to Retorz)
**** Ivy
- Rebind ~SPC f b~ to =counsel-bookmark= (thanks to gilbertw1)
- Add confirmation between deleting a file with ~d~ (thanks to d12frosted)
- Add C-c C-e to edit counsel-ag search results (thanks to aaronjensen)
- Correctly close =ivy= layout transient state when pressing ~b~
(thanks to gilbertw1)
**** Javascript
- Fix jump handler using =tern= by marking it async (thanks to coreygrunewald)
**** LaTeX
- Add new key bindings for folding functions (thanks to nashamri)
**** Markdown
- Add new key binding ~SPC m i t~ to insert a Table of Contents
- Fix activation of =mmm-mode=
- Add support for ini files
- Hide =MMM= linter in mode-line
**** Org
- New key binding ~,~ for =org-edit-src-exit= (thanks to david-sawatzke)
- New key binding ~SPC m i a~ for =org-attach= (thanks to smile12341234)
- Move ~SPC m e~ to ~SPC m e e~ for =org-export-dispatch=
- Fix ~o~ on folded headings (thanks to dschoepe)
**** Prodigy
- Add new key binding ~R~ to refresh buffer (thanks to FrancescElies)
- Add new key binding ~gf~ to go to file at point (thanks to FrancescElies)
**** Python
- New layer variable =python-auto-set-local-pyvenv-virtualenv= to autoload
a virtual env with a =.venv= file (thanks to korayal)
- Simplify python test runner setup (thanks to TheBB)
- Fix debug string for python3 (thanks to yangguang760)
- Fix python path with virtualenv on Windows in Python nose package
(thanks to brenttaylor)
- Fix python-enable-yapf-format-on-save (thanks to magia)
**** Restclient
- Add package =ob-restclient= to add =org-babel= support to =restclient=
- Add helm support to jump to variable or request with ~SPC m j~ (thanks to tko)
- Add autocompletion for methods and headers (thanks to tko)
- Add key bindings for jump to next / previous query with ~SPC m n~ and
~SPC m p~ (thanks to tko)
**** Ruby-On-Rails
- Use projectile-rails-global-mode if available (thanks to asok)
**** Rust
- Add binding for describing symbol at point under ~SPC m h h~
(thanks to NJBS)
- Add key binding to run current Rust file under ~SPC m q~
(thanks to swaroopch)
- Make Racer respect =help-window-select= (thanks to bmag)
**** Scala
- Update debugger key bindings to meet new conventions
- Update deprecated =ensime= variable name =user-emacs-ensime-directory=
(thanks to brakhane)
- Remove sbt-hydra rename wrapper (thanks to jdnavarro)
**** Scheme
- Fix void-variable =company-backends-scheme-mode= (thanks to pnagy)
**** Semantic
- Make Semantic fast (thanks to tudho)
**** Shaders
- Add support for =company= with =glsl-company= package (thanks to d12frosted)
**** Spell-checking
- Defer loading of =flyspell-correct-helm= and =flyspell-correct=
(thanks to ralesi and d12frosted)
**** Themes
- Add sourcerer theme to themes-megapack (thanks to gilbertw1)
- Added new base16 themes (thanks to bezhermoso and metamode)
- Add madhat2r theme to megapack (thanks to madhat2r)
**** Typescript
- Fix eldoc initialization in typescript layer. (thanks to Stebalien)
**** Version control
- New layer variable =version-control-diff-side= to set the fringe
side where to display version control info (thanks to emmanueltouzery)
- Add a transient state for =smerge-mode= on ~SPC g r~ (thanks to perfectayush)
**** Ymcd
- Add ycmd-eldoc to ycmd layer (thanks to quicknir)
*** Improvements
- Improve home buffer responsiveness, add centering for release notes and lists
(thanks to deb0ch)
- Add keybindings to move buffers by window number with ~SPC b #~ where
~#~ is a number between 0 and 9 (thanks to quicknir)
- Add toggle to display time in modeline on ~SPC t m t~. Toggle of the modeline
is now in ~SPC t m T~. (thanks to jupl)
- Add toggle for syntax highlighting on ~SPC t h s~ (thanks to jupl)
- Message instead of warn on failed auto-evilify (thanks to TheBB)
- Warn if both helm and ivy are enabled (thanks to TheBB)
- Add new documentation file =doc/ (nikolaiam)
- Various documentation improvements (thanks to antonshwab, benbotwin, bmag,
cyberxndr, d12frosted, duianto, erictapen, FrancescElies, idoo, jr0cket,
jgertm, jumarko, jwintz, LemmingAvalanche, lpenz, Melon-Bread, mineo,
nightuser, nikolaiam, primeos, rodonn, roryokane, rski, skade, smile12341234,
stratosgear, Trevoke, xiaohanyu, Wiliamvdv, zetok, zhexuany)
** 0.200.7 (2017/01/02)
*** Fixes
- More robust fix for error helm :config: ‘fuzzy-match’ not supported in async sources
......@@ -75,7 +284,7 @@
- Fix usage of =go-rename= on symlinked projects (thanks to grncdr)
**** Helm
- Add key binding ~M-RET~ (meta-return) to open the file =packages.el=
of a layer in =helm-spacemacs-help= under ~SPC h SPC~ (thansk to CestDiego)
of a layer in =helm-spacemacs-help= under ~SPC h SPC~ (thanks to CestDiego)
**** Html
- Fix hooks for CSS-mode since it now derives from =prog-mode= in Emacs 25
(thanks to TheBB)
......@@ -1196,11 +1405,11 @@
*** Core team members
**** Current
- Sylvain Benner (syl20bnr)
- Boris (d12frosted)
- Eivind Fonn (TheBB)
- Boris (thanks to d12frosted)
- Eivind Fonn (thanks to TheBB)
**** Old
- Fabien Dubosson (StreakyCobra)
- Justin Burkett (justbur)
- Justin Burkett (thanks to justbur)
* Release 0.105.x
** 0.105.22 (2016/08/19)
*** Fixes
......@@ -1927,7 +2136,7 @@ Improve loading robustness:
- Add =company-css= backend in =web-mode= (thanks to TheBB)
- Enable Emmet tab expansion in hybrid mode (thanks to geo7)
- Expand to className when using Emmet, for =instance div.react-class=
expands to =<div className = "react-class"></div>= (thanks to CestDegio)
expands to =< div className = "react-class"></div>= (thanks to CestDegio)
- Mark =css-indent-offset= as safe local variable (thanks to lunaryorn)
- Fix =smartparens= loading (thanks to TheBB)
- Fix erroneous micro-state key binding (thanks to StreakyCobra)
......@@ -2212,9 +2421,9 @@ Improve loading robustness:
vijaykiran, xfq, xtian, ZachLiss)
*** Core team members
- Sylvain Benner (syl20bnr)
- Eivind Fonn (TheBB)
- Eivind Fonn (thanks to TheBB)
- Fabien Dubosson (StreakyCobra)
- Justin Burkett (justbur)
- Justin Burkett (thanks to justbur)
* Release 0.104.x
** 0.104.8 (2015/12/16)
*** Hotfix
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@
;; lower value in your dotfile (function `dotspacemacs/user-config')
(setq gc-cons-threshold 100000000)
(defconst spacemacs-version "0.200.7" "Spacemacs version.")
(defconst spacemacs-version "0.200.8" "Spacemacs version.")
(defconst spacemacs-emacs-min-version "24.4" "Minimal version of Emacs.")
(if (not (version<= spacemacs-emacs-min-version emacs-version))
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