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Delete changelog.develop file

Should not be present on a release branch.
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-*- mode: org -*-
This file containes the change log for the next major version of Spacemacs.
* Release 0.201.x
** 0.201.0
*** Hot new feature
- Introduction of =spacemacs-purpose= layer in charge of handling Emacs windows
assignation for actions opening new buffers. This layer brings more
consistency to windows creation by giving them a purpose (i.e. =edit=,
=help=, etc...)
(thanks to bmag)
*** New layers
- =spacemacs-purpose= in =+spacemacs= directory (thanks to bmag)
*** Layer changes
**** Org
- Move clock related key bindings to ~SPC a o k~
- Add key bindings ~SPC a o k i~ to clock in last and ~SPC a o k j~
to jump to current clock (thanks to darkfeline)
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