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  1. 09 Dec, 2020 1 commit
    • Mike McQuaid's avatar
      Fix bottle prefix and repository handling · 0f9bad00
      Mike McQuaid authored
      We were previously only looking at the `cellar` value when pouring
      bottles and ignoring the `prefix` and (implicit) `repository`.
      Actually look at these values and set the defaults for each platform.
      Also, when we're relocating to create or pour bottles when `prefix`
      and `repository` are equal then skip relocating the `repository` and
      always use references to the `prefix` instead.
      Fixes #9453
  2. 13 Nov, 2020 1 commit
    • Mike McQuaid's avatar
      Handle macOS Homebrew on ARM · 5afff3f3
      Mike McQuaid authored
      - Output `brew doctor` and `brew install` messages noting this configuration is (currently) unsupported and encourage use of Rosetta instead
      - Output Rosetta 2 usage in `brew config` on ARM (whether in Rosetta 2 or not)
      - Check the architecture of (newly installed) dependencies and ensure they are using the correct architecture.
      - Don't allow installing macOS Intel Homebrew in macOS ARM Homebrew default prefix (and vice versa
      - Actually write out the architecture of dependencies to the tab rather than generating and throwing them away
      - Set and document the expected default prefix for macOS Intel Homebrew, macOS ARM Homebrew (`/opt/homebrew`) and Homebrew on Linux
      While we're here:
      - Don't say Big Sur is a prerelease version but still make it clear we
        don't support it (yet).
      - Don't reference non-existent IRC channel