Unverified Commit d14fc2db authored by Michka Popoff's avatar Michka Popoff Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #11896 from iMichka/homepage

formula_auditor: use brewed curl for homepage check when needed
parents 653aa4aa bbfa52fc
......@@ -412,11 +412,21 @@ module Homebrew
return unless DevelopmentTools.curl_handles_most_https_certificates?
use_homebrew_curl = false
%w[Stable HEAD].each do |name|
spec_name = name.downcase.to_sym
next unless (spec = formula.send(spec_name))
use_homebrew_curl = spec.using == :homebrew_curl
break if use_homebrew_curl
if (http_content_problem = curl_check_http_content(homepage,
"homepage URL",
user_agents: [:browser, :default],
check_content: true,
strict: @strict))
user_agents: [:browser, :default],
check_content: true,
strict: @strict,
use_homebrew_curl: use_homebrew_curl))
problem http_content_problem
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