Unverified Commit 2c6b979f authored by Carlo Cabrera's avatar Carlo Cabrera Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #12487 from carlocab/no-upgrade-source-builds

upgrade: don't upgrade unbottled dependents of upgraded formulae
parents d9b7c207 b30d821a
......@@ -276,6 +276,20 @@ module Homebrew
# Ensure we never attempt a source build for outdated dependents of upgraded formulae.
outdated_dependents, skipped_dependents = outdated_dependents.partition do |dependent|
dependent.bottled? && dependent.deps.all?(&:bottled?)
if skipped_dependents.present?
opoo <<~EOS
The following dependents of upgraded formulae are outdated but will not
be upgraded because they are not bottled:
#{skipped_dependents * "\n "}
return if outdated_dependents.blank? && already_broken_dependents.blank?
outdated_dependents -= installed_formulae if dry_run
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