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Update RBI files for simplecov-cobertura.

parent dd92818a
# typed: true
# This is an autogenerated file for types exported from the `simplecov-cobertura` gem.
# Please instead update this file by running `bin/tapioca gem simplecov-cobertura`.
# typed: true
module SimpleCov
extend ::SimpleCov::Configuration
......@@ -66,9 +66,11 @@ class SimpleCov::Formatter::CoberturaFormatter
def coverage_output(result); end
def extract_rate(percent); end
def project_root; end
def resolve_filename(filename); end
def result_to_xml(result); end
def set_branch_attributes(line, file_line, branched_lines, branched_lines_covered); end
def set_class_attributes(class_, file); end
def set_coverage_attributes(coverage, result); end
def set_line_attributes(line, file_line); end
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