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ZTS: Add known exceptions

Both the zpool_initialize_import_export and checkpoint_discard_busy
test cases a known to occasionally fail.  Add them to the list of
known possible failures and reference the appropriate issue on the
Reviewed-by: default avatarGeorge Melikov <mail@gmelikov.ru>
Signed-off-by: default avatarBrian Behlendorf <behlendorf1@llnl.gov>
Closes #11949 
parent a69356cf
......@@ -206,6 +206,8 @@ maybe = {
['FAIL', rewind_reason],
'cli_root/zpool_import/zpool_import_missing_003_pos': ['SKIP', '6839'],
['FAIL', '11948'],
'cli_root/zpool_trim/setup': ['SKIP', trim_reason],
'cli_root/zpool_upgrade/zpool_upgrade_004_pos': ['FAIL', '6141'],
'delegate/setup': ['SKIP', exec_reason],
......@@ -220,6 +222,7 @@ maybe = {
'mmp/mmp_on_uberblocks': ['FAIL', known_reason],
'pyzfs/pyzfs_unittest': ['SKIP', python_deps_reason],
'no_space/enospc_002_pos': ['FAIL', enospc_reason],
'pool_checkpoint/checkpoint_discard_busy': ['FAIL', '11946'],
'projectquota/setup': ['SKIP', exec_reason],
'redundancy/redundancy_004_neg': ['FAIL', '7290'],
'redundancy/redundancy_draid_spare3': ['SKIP', known_reason],
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