Commit b964fc69 authored by Christian Jullien's avatar Christian Jullien
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dlopen does not exist on Windows, recent macOS adds a dlopen call which is skipped on Windows.

parent 588d64c5
......@@ -860,6 +860,10 @@ LIBTCCAPI void tcc_delete(TCCState *s1)
#define SZPAIR(s) s "", sizeof(s)-1
ST_FUNC int tcc_add_macos_sdkpath(TCCState* s)
#if defined(_WIN32)
return -1;
char *sdkroot = NULL, *pos = NULL;
void* xcs = dlopen("libxcselect.dylib", RTLD_GLOBAL | RTLD_LAZY);
CString path = {};
......@@ -875,6 +879,7 @@ ST_FUNC int tcc_add_macos_sdkpath(TCCState* s)
return 0;
#undef SZPAIR
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