Commit b1d9de67 authored by Christian Jullien's avatar Christian Jullien
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[macOS] fix format warning

parent a7a13896
......@@ -877,7 +877,7 @@ ST_FUNC void tcc_add_macos_sdkpath(TCCState* s)
if (sdkroot)
pos = strstr(sdkroot,"SDKs/MacOSX");
if (pos)
cstr_printf(&path, "%.*s.sdk/usr/lib", pos - sdkroot + 11, sdkroot);
cstr_printf(&path, "%.*s.sdk/usr/lib", (int)(pos - sdkroot + 11), sdkroot);
/* must use free from libc directly */
#pragma push_macro("free")
#undef free
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