Commit 46bf3f94 authored by Brian Callahan's avatar Brian Callahan
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Add register definitions for OpenBSD/riscv64

parent ab13f1a2
......@@ -733,6 +733,9 @@ static void rt_getcontext(ucontext_t *uc, rt_context *rc)
#elif defined(__aarch64__)
rc->ip = uc->uc_mcontext.pc;
rc->fp = uc->uc_mcontext.regs[29];
#elif defined(__riscv) && defined(__OpenBSD__)
rc->ip = uc->sc_sepc;
rc->fp = uc->sc_s[0];
#elif defined(__riscv)
rc->ip = uc->uc_mcontext.__gregs[REG_PC];
rc->fp = uc->uc_mcontext.__gregs[REG_S0];
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