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    macos: Fix asm-c-connect-test · fbfe6209
    Michael Matz 创作于
    via some heavy-handed hackery in the ASM symbol handling in case
    C symbols get a leading underscore (but ASM symbols do not).
    But this is now like clang and GCC on Darwin work: asm symbols are
    undecorated, C symbols get a _ prepended, so to connect both some
    trickery is involved for the ASM symbols that don't have a _ prepended.
    They must be included in the C symbol table (because that's what we use
    to lookup also ASM labels), but they also must not disturb the normal
    C symbol (which don't have the _ prepended), so they need some mangling.
    A bit unsatisfying, but well.  So, add asm-c-connect-test to the working
    ones for Darwin as well.