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    win32/Makefile ("for cygwin") removed
    - On cygwin, the normal ./configure && make can be used with either
      cygwin's "GCC for Win32 Toolchain"
          ./configure --cross-prefix=i686-w64-mingw32-
      or with an existing tcc:
          ./configure --cc=<old-tccdir>/tcc.exe
    - exclude test_high_clobbers() on _WIN64 (does not work)
    - use 'signed char' for ARM (where default 'char' is unsigned)
    - remove -I "expr" diff option to allow tests with
    libtcc.c, tcc.c:
    - removed -iwithprefix option.  It is supposed to be
      combined with -iprefix which we don't have either.
    - fix assignments and return of 'void', as in
         void f() {
             void *p, *q;
             *p = *q:
             return *p;
      This appears to be allowed but should do nothing.
    tcc.h, libtcc.c, tccpp.c:
    - Revert "Introduce VIP sysinclude paths which are always searched first"
      This reverts commit 1d5e386b.
      The patch was giving tcc's system includes priority over -I which
      is not how it should be.
    - add DT_TEXTREL tag only if text relocations are actually
      used (which is likely not the case on x86_64)
    - prepare_dynamic_rel(): avoid relocation of unresolved
      (weak) symbols
    - for HAVE_SELINUX, use two mappings to the same (real) file.
      (it was so once except the RX mapping wasn't used at all).
    - fix relocation constant used for x86_64 (by Andrei E. Warentin)
    - #ifndef _WIN32 do "chmod 755 ..." to get runnable exes on cygwin.
    - keep forward asm labels static, otherwise they will endup
      in dynsym eventually.
    configure, Makefile:
    - mingw32: respect ./configure options --bindir --docdir --libdir
    - allow overriding tcc when building libtcc1.a and libtcc.def with
          make XTCC=<tcc program to use>
    - use $(wildcard ...) for install to allow installing just
      a cross compiler for example
          make cross-arm
          make install
    - use name <target>-libtcc1.a
    - add  options: -clean, -b bindir