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    tcc_enter/exit_state(): do not use! · 8ff70555
    grischka 创作于
    tcc_enter/exit_state() are meant exclusively to protect
    the tcc_compile() and its sub-functions in tccpp.c,
    tccgen.c, tccasm.c and xxx-gen.c.
    Other files that are part of libtcc simply must not use global
    - riscv64/last_hi: move to TCCState
      from 72250bec
    - tccrun.c: Using a fixed address would not work anyway
      ("tcc -run tcc.c -run ..." for example)
      from baacb0f5
    - tests/Makefile: support for a platform doesn't make sense if
      it doesn't pass our basic tests.
      from 591feda1
    - tccgen: cleanup "duplicate member" (only 2 passes,
      avoids additional TokenSym field)
      from 170be79a