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    some cleanups related to recent commits · 72277967
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    - configure/Makefile : cleanup, really use CC_NAME
    - tccasm.c : remove C99 construct that MSVC doesn't compile
    - arm-gen.c, x86_64-gen.c, riscv64-gen.c, tccmacho.c : ditto
    - arm64-gen.c: commit 383acf8e wrote:
      "Instead of a cast, it would be better to pass the exact type."
      It is true that there are better solutions but it is not
      passing the exact type (I think).
    - tcctest.c: revert "fix cast test for clang" 03646ad4
      this obviously wants to test non-portable conversions
    - 114_bound_signal.test: clock_nanosleep is too new for older
      linuxes, just use sleep() instead