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    tests: OOT build fixes etc. · 71c5ce5c
    grischka authored
    tests/Makefile: fix out-of-tree build issues
    - win64: align(16) MEM_DEBUG user memory
      on win64 the struct jmp_buf in the TCCState structure which we
      allocate by tcc_malloc needs alignment 16 because the msvcrt
      setjmp uses MMX instructions.
    - libtcc_test.c: win32/64 need __attribute__((dllimport)) for
      extern data objects
    - tcctest.c: exclude stuff that gcc does not compile
      except for relocation_test() the other issues are mostly ASM
      related.  We should probably check GCC versions but I have
      no idea which mingw/gcc versions support what and which don't.
    - lib/Makefile: use tcc to compile libtcc1.a (except on arm
      which needs arm-asm