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  • v20180629
    June 29th, 2018 Toolchain Release
    This release updates the toolchain to the latest upstream releases,
    including binutils-2.30, gcc-8.1, and newlib-3.0.0.  We're still using
    the pre-upstream GDB and glibc ports.
  • v20171231
    d66c792d · Bump binutils ·
    December 31st Toolchain Release
    It's been another month since the last toolchain release.  The changes
    are fairly minor
    * binutils-gdb is still based on the 2.29 upstream release, with the
    following patches:
        * 248124ac2e57 RISC-V: Add missing privileged spec registers.
        * bee792f83a2a RISC-V: Add compressed instruction hints, and a few misc cleanups.
        * 7d895b6f4c12 Add missing RISC-V fsrmi and fsflagsi instructions.
        * 04d33e4a830b Objcopy interleave fails if section address not multiple of interleave.
        * 71a8fbb5aac3 Really fix riscv shared library __global_pointer$ problem.
        * 355497b4a723 Riscv shared libraries should not export __global_pointer$.
        * bfd4dc4363f4 Fix for texinfo 4.8.
        * caf839a4a41c Update and clean up RISC-V gas documentation.
        * df726395c987 Give Palmer co-credit for last patch.
        * 0362ab46dbe8 Fix riscv malloc error on small alignment after norvc.
        * 3adcc16f76e7 Merge pull request #126 from riscv/native-gdb
        * be4ba4074927 Make native gdb builds work.
        * 9b4d67248adb Merge pull request #122 from riscv/xml_registers
        * 58906a3ec0ad Remove redundant line.
        * 3a1de2c44f19 Don't need to track whether registers exist
        * c8f6c1bfeb6b Use gdbarch_ functions in case tdesc regs are used
        * 7d27e5408d3b Revert "Set target_desc in gdbarch_from_bfd()."
        * c6d3ad114dac Add helpful gdbarch comment
        * 0f5fee56333c Remove debug printfs.
        * de407c19e2c4 Set target_desc in gdbarch_from_bfd().
        * 6b51d01bf018 Better handling of target description.
        * 12a42bd967c8 Copy helpful comment from arm-tdep.
        * b69b760d69ea Merge pull request #116 from kito-cheng/riscv-sim
        * cdc668285a26 Merge pull request #115 from timsifive/xml_registers
        * 52cca9ebe393 Incorporate review feedback.
        * c6a5890f348e Compress loads/stores with implicit 0 offset.
        * 8481854f09fa Add support for the new names of the RISC-V fmv.x.s and fmv.s.x instructions, vis: fmv.x.w and fmv.w.x.
        * 396a0b13f8c9 Fix indention for TRACE_*
        * 80b28ad794ed Initialize end of brk to `_end` if possible
        * 9e22d669c3ce (sim) Return len even when modifying register ZERO.
        * 4229a5cce640 (sim) Add missing header
        * 1b223852172e (sim) Refine TARCE_INSN
        * 93ac92cd1209 Improve trace info for conditional branch
        * e62fa13662b0 Fix typo.
        * ae4c68f5dda0 Check brk if address is exceed DEFAULT_MEM_SIZE
        * 91bfc291c018 Change default size to 64M
        * 77a6f3bcbc7a Update cycleh and instreth at step_once
        * 66ea17cbfaf4 Implment csrrci, csrrsi and csrrwi
        * 5a79e80f4261 Support SYS_gettimeofday in gdb-sim.
        * 56be8b44c740 Add 'C' Compressed instructions for gdb simulator.
        * 5a60ae3657e2 (sim) Fix sbreak instruction.
        * ae36236bdd5e Fall back to use sim_syscall if we don't handle this syscall
        * 4fba6337cee8 Support SYS_brk in gdb-sim.
        * b5090c58bbbe Support SYS_link syscall in gdb-sim.
        * 5d87b1609050 First part of fix for riscv gas lns-common-1 failure.
        * b0ab42d9b0ea Add modified file I missed in last commit.
        * a8b34ad85ba6 Fix riscv ld testsuite failure for compressed1d.
        * 85ec95119d1d Fix riscv binutils xfail for debug_ranges test.
        * 6c510ac1e2de Fix typo in my email address.
        * 649a286a89e9 RISC-V: Fix riscv g++ testsuite EH failures.
        * 58e92db90d13 RISC-V: Add satp as an alias for sptbr
        * 6ac2ef3a3320 testsuite/ld-riscv-elf/ld-riscv-elf.exp: Fix typo for istarget.
        * 6e21f0139437 RISC-V: Add Jim Wilson as a maintainer, and clean up our entries
        * d42bfeceb523 Delete tconfig.h
        * 437ee82eeb54 Add 'D' double-precision instructions and 'F' single-precision instructions for gdb simulator
        * 08c5702eef14 Fix store or fetch correct fpr number.
        * c35211bb03c5 Initail stack pointer to 16byte aligned in both RV32 & RV64.
        * 2fdbbd7d12ab Fix atomic operation
        * fb4ba8f3bfc2 Use map to find registers instead of iterating.
        * d76b3d5a1d85 Remove unused field.
        * cd3e919468dd Only save/restore FP regs if they exist.
        * fee8ac5b2712 Add save/restore groups back.
        * e38628e067b3 Rebase cleanup.
        * 4f3bd83cd9e6 WIP on talking to servers that don't provide XML
        * c109cb7902a3 Checkpoint. XML registers pass spike32 tests.
        * 738db120fd4c Merge pull request #111 from riscv/register_names
        * 3ce8c2e6ae4a Merge pull request #112 from riscv/pseudo_registers
        * d0176cb1653b RISC-V: Fix riscv g++ testsuite EH failures.
        * d5feabfac32f RISC-V: Add satp as an alias for sptbr
        * 2f9782d95416 (WIP SIM): Fix jal and jalr
        * 13f665f5698d s0 is the preferred alias for x8.
        * d97ccfcb2112 We don't implement any pseudoregisters.
        * b11aca7dfa08 Use ABI names for registers.
        * f64577d1c916 RISC-V: Fix disassembly of c.addi4spn, c.addi16sp, c.lui when imm=0
        * d51d92c4d06b RISC-V: Only relax to C.LUI when imm != 0 and rd != 0/2
        * 3593f7f30f80 Fix my previous gas/ChangeLog entry
        * 164a62116dc9 RISC-V: Don't emit 2-byte NOPs if the C extension is disabled
        * 915b00e356e0 RISC-V: Relax RISCV_PCREL_* to RISCV_GPREL_*
        * fa753df2d560 RISC-V: Add R_RISCV_DELETE, which marks bytes for deletion
        * 9eb250cb914c RISC-V: Mark unsupported gas testcases
        * 0d96fbb3095f riscv: Cache the max alignment of output sections
        * 60cda8de81dc RISC-V: Avoid emitting invalid instructions in mixed RVC/no-RVC code
        * 296c682e9d92 RISC-V: Print an error when unable to align a section
        * 1bfb4ecbd84c RISC-V: Support PCREL_* relocations agaist weak undefined symbols
        * d3fae8db583d Improve handling of ADD and SUB relocations on the RISCV target.
        * 404de0666a6a RISC-V: Mark "c.nop" as an alias
        * dfbf9e44a0e1 Fix problems parsing RISCV architecture extenstions in the assembler.
        * 697d5b8ee280 (RISC-V GDB) Only save FPRs on harts that support F/D/Q
        * 495d737e62c0 (RISC-V GDB) GDB update
        * c950de297cd7 (RISC-V GDB) RISC-V GDB Port
    * GCC has not changed, it's still based on the 7.2.0 upstream release
    with the following changes
        * b731149757b9 ("RISC-V: Implement movmemsi")
        * 605bc7b5e06a ("RISC-V: Define MUSL_DYNAMIC_LINKER")
        * 2423096b0696 ("RISC-V: Emit "i" suffix for instructions with immediate operands")
        * 327d99b09bc0 ("RISC-V: If -m[no-]strict-align is not passed, assume its value from -mtune")
        * f34a83e82258 ("RISC-V: Set SLOW_BYTE_ACCESS=1")
        * 7dde69e2c5f7 ("RISC-V: Handle non-legitimate address in riscv_legitimize_move")
        * 1751fbe7b9e8 ("RISC-V: Use "@minus{}2 GB" instead of "-2 GB" in invoke.texi")
        * 6d1f1f891869 ("RISC-V: Document the medlow and medany code models")
        * d2d1f783b2c1 ("RISC-V: Correct and improve the "-mabi" documentation")
        * d13dd0242604 ("RISC-V: Add Sign/Zero extend patterns for PIC loads")
        * 341375637a7d ("RISC-V: Add -mstrict-align option")
        * f47f9c2b3b90 ("RISC-V: Unify indention in riscv.md")
        * 1bd23ca8c30f ("Update ChangeLog and version files for release")