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      Whitelist a log1p failure in newlib · acc92a31
      Palmer Dabbelt 创作于
      This might be an actaul newlib bug: it's not providing a range error
      when taking log1p of -1e80, but it appears that this triggered a glibc
      bug from a while ago that may have not been fixed in newlib.  I'm not
      sure why the bug is just manifesting now (the newlib sources haven't
      changed for a long time), but the glibc version has some macros that
      force the evaluation of particular floating-point expressions (one of
      which produces the range error) that don't exist in newlib.
      I'm OK whitelisting the error for the next release, despite it
      technically being a regression.  log1p isn't a standard function, and I
      doubt embedded users are going to notice.  That said, we should still
      fix it.
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