Commit d66c792d authored by Palmer Dabbelt's avatar Palmer Dabbelt
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Bump binutils

248124ac2e RISC-V: Add missing privileged spec registers.
bee792f83a RISC-V: Add compressed instruction hints, and a few misc cleanups.
7d895b6f4c Add missing RISC-V fsrmi and fsflagsi instructions.
04d33e4a83 Objcopy interleave fails if section address not multiple of interleave.
71a8fbb5aa Really fix riscv shared library __global_pointer$ problem.
355497b4a7 Riscv shared libraries should not export __global_pointer$.
bfd4dc4363 Fix for texinfo 4.8.
caf839a4a4 Update and clean up RISC-V gas documentation.
df726395c9 Give Palmer co-credit for last patch.
0362ab46db Fix riscv malloc error on small alignment after norvc.
3adcc16f76 Merge pull request #126 from riscv/native-gdb
be4ba40749 Make native gdb builds work.
parent e2b809a3
Subproject commit 9b4d67248adb045caa8f166c59a0081867cc6cb2
Subproject commit 248124ac2e5784cec5258d9daf91ebd2a4baa961
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