Unverified Commit 07607e17 authored by Kito Cheng's avatar Kito Cheng Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #591 from Nelson1225/rvv-0.8.x

Bump riscv-gcc and riscv-binutils to fix constraint problem for test generator
parents 8520fc0b 4ea15c1c
Subproject commit 9251ca5ae8ed5558d88aac74e04d7521b6fd3e60
Subproject commit 587c4ed018e09830dce24bc4b9cf81ac084325a1
Subproject commit 147c28df9d08a86a51a4b4e590a9d18a3361b88a
Subproject commit 8b5d91c3564454b584adbbf4c5f65610c35e5660
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