Unverified Commit f255eac0 authored by Hodjat Asghari Esfeden's avatar Hodjat Asghari Esfeden Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #811 from saurabhsingh-pvips/gen_timeout

[Pygen]: Add gen_timeout for PyFlow
parents 575aa6a7 8dba53fe
......@@ -380,11 +380,21 @@ def gen(test_list, argv, output_dir, cwd):
# Run the instruction generator
if not argv.co:
seed_gen = SeedGen(argv.start_seed, argv.seed, argv.seed_yaml)
if argv.simulator == 'pyflow':
"""Default timeout of Pyflow is 20 minutes, if the user
doesn't specified their own gen_timeout value from CMD
if argv.gen_timeout == 360:
gen_timeout = 1200
gen_timeout = argv.gen_timeout
gen_timeout = argv.gen_timeout
do_simulate(sim_cmd, argv.simulator, test_list, cwd, argv.sim_opts,
argv.csr_yaml, argv.isa, argv.end_signature_addr,
argv.gen_timeout, argv.log_suffix, argv.batch_size,
gen_timeout, argv.log_suffix, argv.batch_size,
argv.verbose, check_return_code, argv.debug, argv.target)
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