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## Overview
RISCV-DV-PyFlow is a purely Python based open-source instruction generator for RISC-V processor
verification. It uses [PyVSC]( as the main library for
randomization and coverage collection. It currently supports the following features:
- Supported instruction set: RV32IMAFDC
- Supported privileged modes: For now only machine mode is supported.
- Illegal instruction and HINT instruction generation
- Random forward/backward branch instructions
- Supports mixing directed instructions with random instruction stream
- Support for direct & vectored interrupt table.
- Multi-hart support
- Functional coverage framework (reports GUI as well as text, currently supports RV32I
and RV32M only)
- Supported ISS : Spike, OVPsim
## Supported tests
- riscv_arithmetic_basic_test
- riscv_amo_test
- riscv_floating_point_arithmetic_test
- riscv_floating_point_rand_test
- riscv_floating_point_mmu_stress_test
- riscv_b_ext_test
- riscv_rand_instr_test
- riscv_jump_stress_test
- riscv_rand_jump_test
- riscv_mmu_stress_test
- riscv_illegal_instr_test
- riscv_unaligned_load_store_test
- riscv_single_hart_test
- riscv_non_compressed_instr_test
- riscv_loop_test
## Getting Started
### Prerequisites
To be able to run the generator, you need to have RISCV-GCC compiler toolchain and ISS
(Instruction Set Simulator) installed (Spike is preferred).
### Install RISCV-DV-PyFlow
Getting the source
git clone
pip3 install -r requirements.txt # install dependencies (only once)
python3 --help
## Running the Generator
Command to run a single test:
python3 --test=riscv_arithmetic_basic_test --simulator=pyflow
--simulator=pyflow will invoke the Python generator.
Run a single test 10 times
python3 --test=riscv_arithmetic_basic_test --iterations=10 --simulator=pyflow
Run the generator only, do not compile and simluation with ISS
python3 --test=riscv_arithmetic_basic_test --simulator=pyflow --steps gen
## Note
Currently, time to generate a single program with larger than 10k instructions is around
12 minutes. We are working on improving the overall performance.
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