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    Upgrade bitmanip v.0.92 to v.0.93, enable simultaneous use with v.1.00 · 3fb3cec0
    Pirmin Vogel authored
    The main changes implemented by this PR are:
    1. Support for bitmanip draft v.0.92 is dropped.
    2. Remaining bitmanip instructions not ratified as part of v.1.00 of
       the bitmanip spec are upgraded to the latest draft (v.0.93).
    3. Simultaneous use of the v.1.00 bitmanip instructions and those
       instructions only part of draft v.0.93 is enabled.
    4. Rename bext/bdep to bcompress/bdecompress. This is part of v.0.94.
       But it's needed as in v.0.93 as well as in v.1.00 sbext from Zbs
       is renamed to bext, leading to two completely different instructions
       having the same name.
    5. Increase the MAX_INSTR_STR_LEN parameter to accomodate longer
       instruction names (bdecompressw has 12 characters).
    Signed-off-by: default avatarPirmin Vogel <vogelpi@lowrisc.org>